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3D printed NestCam holder for attachment to our birdhouse. I created a very simple holder by 3D modeling a clamp with room for a M5 bolt and nut. Takes about 2 hours to print!


MyoWare Controllable Prosthetic test – Simple testing of the myoware device with an LED. Flex once for on, flex again to turn off – then added a more intuitive way of controlling based on time and strength of the flex.


Makey Makey Ukulele that can play any sound you want – Just simply find the instruments you want on Scratch and you can hold the ukulele to play. The gray stripe on the bottom is conductive tape so as you hold it, you are grounding. I tried to make this as minimalist as possible to look like a real Ukulele but play anything but!


20 hours of MintySynth soldering  – This project is one of my favorite in that it took my mediocre soldering technique and really ramped it up quickly. Every component on that board had to be soldered on, 56 connections on each x 12. The first board took me about 3 hours as many of the components were close to each other. The last board took me 25 minutes. Plus, this synthesizer is seriously the coolest.


ProCurable Pills demo – This was our winning item at the HealthHacks Hackathon. The challenge was to create a device that was geared towards elderly, but able people who have multiple prescriptions and actively want to take the right pills at the right time. We focused on the interaction for the user instead of sorting pills in real time like many others. The final product would have a 28 chamber (4 a day/ 7 days a week) and the interval between alerts to take your pills can be set by the user. If for some reason you are busy, you can snooze the alarm for 15 minutes. If the pills are not taken within 30 minutes, a text message would be sent to a caregiver to let them know. We used a Circuit Playground simply because of the amount of functionality on a small board but in the future we would use a custom designed PCB.


The Concussion Detecting Helmet – A helmet that came out of our first year at HealthHacks in 2015. The challenge was around the high amount of concussions and the difficulty in preventing and detecting them. We chose to focus on detecting them as preventing them is much harder and required expertise we didnt have. My students wanted an easy way to report that a concussion had occurred. The red light indicates a very hard hit (over 85Gs of force) while the yellow lights are milder hits (between 45 and 64Gs) as these can be cumulative and just as dangerous as a hard hit. They focused on making this a helmet that was “readable” by a high school coach or trainer that does not have training in performing concussion assessments. We didn’t win that year but we came close!


My creations for Leah Buechley’s visit – On the left we have Oscar the octopus who is wired up with a lilypad and 16 white led lights. When turned on, the top of him creates a series of light patterns to attract visitors and interaction. On the right is a breakout where I have three stages of a project – beginning with the right. You can barely see it but there is a RGB LED that shows on white paper the three different elements in the little light and how they mix together to create other colors. In the middle is a bit of fiber optic that I hooked up to it and on the left is a piece of crocheted coral with these fiber optic parts in them – showing my progression through design to art. There was also a display where by touching the coral, it would flash red and was designed as an activism piece about our effects on coral reef.


Leah B 148

Teaching some kids how to make paper circuits while rocking my light up LED vest – the vest was made so that each time I moved, the lights on the back would light up. This was a prototype for cross country joggers on courses at night – making flashing lights when moving so it is easy to keep track of people.


st v 4

3D printed adapters for a Neonatal blood pressure cuff  – in partnership with the World Pediatric Project who needed help, my students designed and 3D printed these adapters. We opened up the case to understand how the blood pressure was taken and where we can fit this adapter in to keep it out of the way.

Conductive Tattoo demo – Working with Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao from MIT, we created gold leaf temporary tattoos that connect to a hacked bluetooth media controller. The wires are connected to the bluetooth controller and simply completing the circuit is enough to trigger the button, triggering the phone. We did seem to have some problems with many of them sharing a common ground though – to be continued!


So many more to come!

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