FrankenCreature & Creative Destruction

Give a 3rd grader a toy that drives and makes sound and a small screwdriver and what do you get? Well, something a bit like this: I took a group of 8 Lower School boys and gave them a small set of screwdrivers. They supplied some old or worn down toys. Together, we tore them apart... Continue Reading →

Death Chess – the long version

I have a confession - I am a nerd and yet, terrible at Chess. Anybody with a slight bit of strategy will crush others. There has never been a "pickup" game of Chess. But would you play a game of Chess that has random chance built into game play, effectively disrupting almost all typical strategies?... Continue Reading →

Turning cardboard into metal

I don't know about you but when somebody talks about making things out of cardboard, I always just imagined various size boxes or something like this:   But as it turns out, you can make some pretty elegant stuff, provided you have the right tools, a bit of knowhow and a lot of patience. The... Continue Reading →

Going full cyborg part 2

So you didn't get bored with part 1 aye? You must be some type of masochist. First, let's start with the finale. So far I've managed to use the Myoware and Arduino to control an LED that signifies a flexed state of the prosthetic arm. I took that one step further to control a servo motor... Continue Reading →

Going full cyborg pt 1

Who doesn't want to be a cyborg? Ever since I was little I wanted nothing more than to be faster, stronger, smarter, and have really cool attachments for my arms (dear god imagine how fast I could take things apart.) Lately, I've been able to start pursuing this. Kinda. More specifically I've been mulling over prosthetics,... Continue Reading →

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