Getting started with the Lilypad Arduino

Recently we had a visit from Dr. Leah Buechley, the inventor of the Lilypad Arduino, an electrical engineer, artist, entrepreneur, and more. Her visit came as we were already working hard at Arduino and is a great way to hopefully get more girls into coding. The Lilypad Arduino combines textiles and rapid prototyping with the... Continue Reading →

Death Chess – the long version

I have a confession - I am a nerd and yet, terrible at Chess. Anybody with a slight bit of strategy will crush others. There has never been a "pickup" game of Chess. But would you play a game of Chess that has random chance built into game play, effectively disrupting almost all typical strategies?... Continue Reading →

Going full cyborg part 2

So you didn't get bored with part 1 aye? You must be some type of masochist. First, let's start with the finale. So far I've managed to use the Myoware and Arduino to control an LED that signifies a flexed stateĀ of the prosthetic arm. I took that one step further to control a servo motor... Continue Reading →

Going full cyborg pt 1

Who doesn't want to be a cyborg? Ever since I was little I wanted nothing more than to be faster, stronger, smarter, and have really cool attachments for my arms (dear god imagine how fast I could take things apart.) Lately, I've been able to start pursuing this. Kinda. More specifically I've been mulling overĀ prosthetics,... Continue Reading →

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