Welcome to my blog. It’s kind of like a tumblr, just without all the awful. Mostly. This is to help track all of my projects and hopefully helps others who are trying to do any of the same!

Please feel free to email me at: shane.diller@gmail.com

About me:

Biomedical engineer turned educator. All around turbo nerd and innovation geek. I’m  the Lead Technologist for the Bryan Innovation Lab at The Steward School in Richmond, VA. My favorite piece of hardware is the classic Arduino Uno. I educates adults on how to channel their inner kid.

My main interests include: Prosthetics, Arduinos, eTextiles/Wearables, Innovation, Social entrepreneurship, Human Factors Engineering, and Assistive Devices. Oh, and pictures of pugs in costumes.

When I’m not wrist deep in a build, I enjoy long walks through the woods, Strongman competitions, and offering unwanted Viking lore to unsuspecting bystanders. Fun Facts: I still falls asleep in the car, can’t tell Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts apart, and listen to Black Metal for leisure.


My reasons for starting the blog include below:

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