Doom armor v1.0

So, with my last post about turning metal to cardboard, I took a pretty deep dive and tried to make an almost full suit of armor. What did I end up with? Check it out:

Disclaimer: As much as I’d like to say  I made the mask out of metal, I am not a master blacksmith. I downloaded this mask from 4Mule8 on Thingiverse. Printed it and spraypainted it.

For the rest of the armor, it was all made out of roofing aluminum, a very thin and inexpensive material that comes in huge roles.

The aluminum would turn out to be a great learning opportunity. Aka it did not work at all like I wanted.

The good:

  • The material was cheap, and required a lot of clever thinking on my part.
  • Although I stressed over it and thought it was bad, everybody else was blown away by it.
  • I scared A LOT of people walking through the streets with the mask on.
  • I replicated the cardboard armor joints pretty dern well!

The bad:

  • I spent hours and hours trying to work this thing aluminum like 18g steel sheets and it would not hold a complex shape.
  • Hammering just dented the material instead of shaping it.
  • The arms that I made, I ditched in the end because they were too round and kept falling
  • I had to settle for a doom-like costume instead of being true to the model.

The what I learned:

  • You know how everybody else uses foam instead of metal for cosplay? There’s a reason Shane, it’s not because you’re just sooooo much more innovative.
  • Being married to a picture perfect replica of the comic book armor is like being married to a badger. Cute in theory, unrealistic and weird in practice.
  • How to shape cardboard into curves that move and layer is freaking awesome.
  • Fabricating props for movies/games/shows that are seen on screen must be massively stressful.
  • Trying to be a blacksmith in 2 months is a goofy idea.

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